Terms and Conditions

1. SALON SERVICES & POLICIES: Tan Etc has the right to add or delete services, amenities, and hours as reasonably warranted. Tan Etc reserves the right to refuse service to anyone except for those reasons strictly prohibited by law. This is a self-managing membership. Failure to use my membership and/or the facilities available to me does not relieve me of my financial obligation, regardless of circumstance. Non-use of services does not constitute a refund or credit.Tan Etc does not offer refunds/credit for purchased lotions or treatments. With all unlimited month to month autobilling memberships that offer UV tanning, member is allowed one UV tan every 24 hours per Texas Health Code law. With all unlimited month to month autobilling memberships that offer UV free spray tanning, member is allowed one UV free spray tan per calendar day. With all unlimited month to month autobilling memberships that offer Red Light Therapy, member is allowed one Red Light Therapy Session per calendar day.

2. MONTHLY DUES: Tan Etc reserves the right to modify monthly dues based on, but not limited to, the following factors: Costs of services or implementation of federal, state, or local taxes. A 10-day notice is required for any changes to my billing information. Monthly auto-billing dues may not be paid in-store prior to my draft date. It is my responsibility to regularly review my bank/credit card statements to verify appropriate amounts have been drafted. It is my responsibility to inform Tan Etc if my credit/debit card or bank account has been closed or changed due to fraud or other circumstances; if my Tan Etc automatic payment declines due to such circumstances, I will owe the full past due balance. I will continue to be auto-billed on a monthly basis until I, as the manager of my membership, submit a request to Tan Etc to either freeze or cancel my account.

3. MINIMUM MEMBERSHIP PERIOD AND AUTOBILLING INFORMATION: I understand and agree that memberships require a two month minimum, first month paid date of signing up, and second month autobilled to primary billing as stated on the membership, then will renew on a month to month basis.  I understand and agree to the following: For all month to month auto billing memberships, the draft date will be the same calendar day of sign up for each subsequent month, unless membership is purchased between the 28th-31st of any month the draft date will be the 28th of each subsequent month. Auto billing memberships are only eligible to cancel or freeze once the first successful draft has been satisfied. After one successful draft has been satisfied, any month to month auto billing membership can be cancelled with no further billings and services are available until the final day of the current billing month for the membership. The payment information provided to purchase this membership will be used for the monthly autobilling payment. Customer can change payment information anytime.

4. PAST DUE BALANCES: I will be subject to a $7.50 late fee for any returned (failed) payments on my account. Tan Etc reserves the right to redraft any past due amount, plus late fee, from any payment method I provide. If there is a balance on my account when I cancel, I will owe the full balance. All account balances must be paid before I can freeze my account.

5. FREEZES: Freeze forms must be filled out at least 10 days prior to my draft date. I may freeze my account for a maximum of six consecutive months at a time. I may freeze my account in-person by signing a Freeze Form, or over the phone. Tan Etc offers phone freezes as a courtesy; dates on the Freeze Form are final. We do not notify members when the account comes off freeze and billing resumes.

6. CANCELLATIONS: A written notice is required to cancel all Month-to-Month auto billing memberships. Auto billing memberships are only eligible to cancel once the first successful draft has been satisfied. By cancelling, I forfeit any credits and in-store cash on my account. I have three options for submitting a cancellation request:

  1. Sign a cancellation form at any of our salon locations
  2. Email a written notice to the following: info@tanetcaustin.com
  3. Send a written notice via certified mail to the following address: TAN ETC, 3616 Far West Blvd #111 Austin, TX 78731

If I cancel by mail or email, it is my responsibility to follow-up with Tan Etc to ensure that my letter or email was received.

I cannot cancel my membership via phone or any other verbal form of communication, all cancellations are required to be in writing. I will take full responsibility to verify my monthly charge has ceased after my cancellation has been processed.

7. DHA RELEASE: The use of DHA as a color additive for cosmetic application to the skin is FDA approved for external use only. When applying DHA products as a spray, it may be difficult to avoid exposure of areas for which the FDA has not tested. The FDA recommends the following precautions be utilized where DHA products are applied by spraying: Cover the eye area, protect the lip and nasal passages, and avoid inhalation or ingestion of the product. Pregnant women, any person with respiratory problems or illness, and any person with a history of allergies should consult a physician before using a DHA spray tanning device.

8. WEBSITE USAGE: Tan Etc makes this website readily available to all users subject to their acceptance of the terms of use outlined below. By accessing, viewing, and navigating TanEtcAustin.com, you accept these terms and wherefore also agree to be bound by these stipulations.

9. PRIVACY: Tan Etc respects your privacy. We have designed a policy statement that elucidates how you can freely use our website to find out more about our services and how we collect and use the information you submit. We advise you to read our Privacy Policy for a better navigation experience.

10. SHARED CONTENT AND INFORMATION: You agree to submit only accurate information on the forms provided on this website and consequently grant Tan Etc permission to collect and use said information strictly for informational and intended business only.

11: SAFETY: This website and its use are subject exclusively to, and in strict compliance with, federal state laws. Aligned with our terms and conditions is the restriction of submitting anyone else’s personal information and attempting to use his or her identity instead of your own. Tan Etc provides all users detailed terms that help protect their rights and make navigation and use easier and more convenient.

By using, accessing, and navigating TanEtcAustin.com, you agree that we can collect and use such data and information in conformity with our Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time.