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Compatible with Red Light, UV, and Sunless. | Promotes sunless tan to last for days. | Boosts collagen & heals skin cells. | Stabilizes skin pH to inhibit irritation, unpleasant odors, and provide deep/even results. | Tightens pores & Reduces puffy skin. | Balances Skins Sebum.

Compatible with UV and Red Light tanning. | Aloe based to assist with anti-inflammination. | Pu[red] Technology prevents cell damage and protects skin. | Vitamin C infused to promote collagen and leave skin luminescent. Fragrance: All Natural Lavender Mint.

Reduces appearance of red tones, masks dark spots and soothes acne prone skin. | Blue Tansy counteracts orange tones. |Powerful anti-aging peptide to reduce cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles. | Intense skin softeners. Fragrance: Sparkling Coconut.

High level of concentrated Aloe soothes and alleviates dry skin. | Richest Vitamin C & Shea Butter moisturizes, protects skin providing long lasting dark color. |Improves skin texture & appearance. | Assists with Eczema. | Tea Tree fights after tan odor. Fragrance: Classic CocoaDreams.

Caramel & DHA with Silicone for flawless results. | Cooling essence to keep skin refreshed. | Caffeine & Ginseng visibly improves wrinkles. | Reduces puffy skin. | Assists with Eczema & Psoriasis. Fragrance: Zen Passion.

No cosmetic bronzer. | DHA and Erythrulose to achieve streak-free & transfer resistant results. | Ink-Drink complex gives tattoo rejuvenation & protection. | Caffeine provides toned, skin firming airbrushed appearance. Fragrance: Fruity Floral.

Effectively remove your old sunless tan in 5 minutes. | Organic Aloe based to soothe and hydrate skin. | Balances pH levels to enhance DHA reaction for a deeper/even tan. | Pump foam and apply generously to skin. Leave on 5 minutes. Shower with clothe to wipe away tan.

Designed by Peta Jane (Winner of Dancing With The Stars Season 14 & 22).| Universal for all skin types. | Going to the beach or ballroom, Peta Jane provides the most realistic tan leaving an exotic aroma behind. | Lasts 7-10 days. | Wait 6 hours before showering. | Safe to use on face. Fragrance: Dolce Gabana Light Floral Fragrance.

Organic Botanical Blend containing blueberry, spinach, and cranberry to help combat free radicals. | Organic Aloe hydrates and soothes skin. | DHA & Erythrulose provides skin with gorgeous bronze results. | Apply 2 times daily to see lasting results up to a week after sunless tan. Fragrance: Coastal Sands.

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