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Airbrush Tanning Austin, Tx

Airbrush Tanning | Austin, Tx

Offered at Far West (512) 338-1172
and Ben White (512) 462-9490

A customized sunless tanning process in Austin, Tx that gives an all over even and consistent tan.  Our technicians are fully trained to apply the appropriate amount based on your skin type or level of tan you are desiring.

 *The treatment takes about 15 minutes, and it is recommended to wait 8 - 12 hours to shower afterwards.
*The solution contains bronzers and DHA, which reacts with proteins and amino acids in your skin to create a natural, brown tan.
*Depending on your skin type and life style, the tan will last 5 - 10 days. 


Tips for Preparing for an Airbrush Session

*Take a shower and exfoliate. Do not use any shaving creams or moisturizers day of the session. 
*Remove deodorant.
*Bring an old bathing suit or under garment for the tanning session (the solution may stain the material).
*Wait 8 - 12 hours to shower after the session. After showering moisturize daily as this will retain the tan longer.
Airbrush Tanning in Austin TX